The story of the year no doubt - The coronavirus. This pest seemed to come out of nowhere, and it struck hard, causing our economy to drop quicker than a ball falling in Times Square on New Year's Eve in New York. I was one of the lucky people who were still able to get out and drive to work. I can't imagine the sheer boredom and frustration folks have had forced to quarantine at home. The insanity of this whole thing keeps lingering, just when it appeared that MAYBE cities were coming back to life, as in stores, restaurants, businesses slowly opening their doors again, everything starts to get worse. As in the pandemic hasn't gone away at all. Our country is trying to make adjustments, such as social distancing, new guidelines, anything we can try to do to bring back some kind of normalcy. I love the fact that people aren't just going to drop everything and quit, in other words, put our heads together and adapt. One such idea has come up, which I find is brilliant. The art of drive-in theatres has been around a long time but was almost extinct due to the overpowering high tech comfortable multi-cinemas all around the country. Since we are back to secluding ourselves to a few groups of people, how obvious is it to enjoy motion pictures in the comfort of your family car? Walmart has shown ambition, and are now going to strategically convert their parking lots into outdoor theatres!  Everything will take shape starting in August. A quick re-cap, take your family out of the house, enjoy a movie, and not feel like you are held captive behind closed doors. For more on this brilliant idea click here.


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