As the latest winter storm rolls across the continent, we in Bismarck-Mandan have one question: are we going to get a piece of it here?

The answer: a definite maybe.

The various weather sources differ somewhat on the question, but the consensus seems to be that we might get a piece of it, but probably not much.

Amber Wheeler at KXMB reports we are more likely to be affected by falling temperatures and rising winds than by any wintry precipitation. Generally, the farther north you get from the state's southern border, the less likely we are to get any snow, rain or mix thereof.

Fargo and beyond may be a different story. it looks as though the storm will hit harder to our south and east. Parts of South Dakota and Minnesota are expecting blizzard-like conditions.

For the Bismarck metro though, the most like scenario is colder, winder conditions for a day or so.

[Source: KXMB-TV]

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