People take a lot of pride in their high school and a lot of pride in their mascot. But some mascots are just really weird.

As schools begin to gear up for Spring sports, we decided to take a look at some of the very odd mascots that exist at high schools across North Dakota.

We decided not to rank them and instead they are listed in alphabetical order based on the school name.

  • Belfield Bantams

    A bantam is a small breed of chicken known for its aggressiveness.

  • Dickinson Midgets

    We believe 'Little People' is the politically correct term.

  • Hillsboro Burros

    A burro is a small donkey. Very intimidating.

  • Kenmare Honkers

    Honk if you're… oh nevermind.

  • Max Cossacks

    Cossacks are a group of East-Slavic speaking people. Very random… and again… very intimidating.

  • Minot Magicians

    Ho Ho Ho it's magic! You knoooooooow. Never believe it's not so!

  • New Salem Holsteins

    We get it. It's New Salem. Dairy farmers. Salem Sue. It isn't like this mascot doesn't make sense for the area. But a cow? Come on.

  • Oak Grove Grovers

    This is about as original as the Houston Texans or the Montreal Canadiens.

    A 'Grover' isn't a thing. It is a character on Sesame Street… and also consequently someone who hails from 'Oak Grove.'

  • St. John Woodchucks

    Contrary to popular belief, woodchucks cannot chuck wood or predict when Spring will come.

  • Valley City Hi-Liners

    This is a fishing line right? Is that what the mascot is? A piece of string?

    CORRECTION: The Hi-Liners refers to a bridge. That might be even worse.

  • Shanley Deacons

    It just seems odd to incorporate a religious figure as a mascot for a sports team.

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