At some point during the 2010s, the 90s became the declarant decade for nostalgia.

Several things that were popular in the 90s are making a comeback. Whether it's been movie reboots, television shows, or your favorite beverages, the 2010s are the new 90s. Speaking of beverages, we've seen the likes of Crystal PepsiHi-C Ecto Cooler, and most recently, Clearly Canadian all making a welcome comeback. Make room for one more, because on July 4th, everyone's favorite 90s beer-alternative is back! Of course, I'm talking about Zima!

MillerCoors is bringing the clear malt beverage back for a limited time. The drink was released back in 1994 and carried the slogan, "Zomething Different." In case you've never had the pleasure of drinking a Zima, the taste is very similar to that of Sprite that happens to have alcohol included. It's also the same drink that paved the way for beverages such as Smirnoff Ice, Bacardi Silver, and Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Unfortunately, it is said that Zima will only be available for a limited time. Perhaps this will be until fall or winter, but no matter, take advantage while you can. If you want to be the hit at parties this summer, bring a six-pack, nay, bring a cooler full of Zima. Legendary tales will be told of your triumphant taste in malt beverages for years to come.

***DISCLAIMER: If you were not born on or before today's date in 1996, none of this applies to you. If you were, please drink responsibly.***


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