Do you believe in real-life heroes? I definitely do

Jamie Cruz has been a pre-school teacher at the Early Childhood Center for twenty years. Her experience in life and genuine love bring so many valuable lessons to kids that are at a precious age, innocent, and open to the real world. The ages of her eager students range from  3 to 5 years old. She and her aide Olivia were all set to launch a three-week-long project that the kids will remember for the rest of their life

Ahhh the days when a nap was part of your classroom

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a nap, 23 students from "Troll Land" ( the name for her classroom :) ) were eager and ready to go with a traditional yearly important event. This is a new one for me by the way, I wish I had a chance to have experienced this when I was young. A local farmer brings in some eggs for a good old-fashioned "Spring Chicken Hatch", to help bring the birth of happiness - there was one slight problem though

Suddenly retiring after 30 years

The official incubator of the last 30 years stopped working. Here is where our hero comes into play. Thomas Teske from TSC heard about the Troll Land's misfortune, dug deep into his own pocket, and brought over a brand new incubator.

Jamie Cruz Facebook
Jamie Cruz Facebook

So the lesson plan was given a new life ( literally )

The kids will have 21 days as of today to monitor the brand new mother ( incubator ), to make sure the eggs are being turned, the humidity is set just right, and there is plenty of water.....

Jamie Cruz Facebook
Jamie Cruz Facebook

"Giving them the tools to carry on in life..."

I asked Jamie how accurate this 21-day life adventure is, and she told me it's extremely so. I would imagine watching children for twenty years handling this experience with such love and care has to be so rewarding. Once again, Bismarck should feel so blessed to have someone who deeply loves her job, and it's so vital to the lives of kids growing up. My favorite question when I get an opportunity to talk with a teacher or someone who works with people, of any age, is "What about your job do you love the most?" She had two answers for me "Giving them the tools to carry on in life..." was her quick response, the second was a PERFECT thought out reply, that says it all about the kind of person Jamie is "It's knowing I'm showering my students with love and acceptance, all while teaching and giving the children social and emotional tools they need to flourish and thrive"

So good luck to Jamie, Olivia, and "Troll Land"

I will have an update and tons of little baby chic pics soon!



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