Amazon is looking to move their headquarters to a new city. Someone, please let Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos know that he should throw Bismarck in the running for a potential location.

Amazon is looking to invest approximately $5 billion for full operation of a new headquarters that would provide roughly 50,000 jobs. The company is requesting proposals from cities to identify incentive programs. Why not throw Bismarck's name in the hat?

In case you haven't noticed, Bismarck's kind of been on fire lately. The national spotlight has recently shined on us.

Last year, our hometown quarterback, Carson Wentz, is picked with the number two pick in the NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, en route to showing promise as one of the most talented players at his position at the professional level. He quickly became a fan favorite and has one of the top-selling NFL jerseys in football.

Then, just last Sunday, Miss North Dakota, Bismarck's very own Cara Mund, is crowned Miss America. Her eloquence, intelligence, and overall talents were on full display during the Miss America Pageant for all to see as she became the first Miss North Dakota ever to win the crown.

The national attention has been uncharacteristically on North Dakota's capital city. So yea, Bismarck is looking pretty sexy right now.

Let's not forget the overlooked underrated beauty of its landscape, the fact that it's the fastest growing city in the state, and that whole 'North Dkota Nice' thing. Those are just a few of the many reasons why Bismarck should get some consideration.

Maybe to some, this may sound farfetched, especially with cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Houston, Boston, Orlando, and most recently, New York City submitting proposals for the location of the new Amazon headquarters. But who knows, maybe Jeff Bezos will decide he needs a change of scenery.

Why not the Peace Garden State? And why not Bismarck?

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