It is confirmed, Arby's is opening up a restaurant in Mandan.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

According to Bismarck Tribune, if you love the juicy sandwiches and curly fries of Arby's and you live in Mandan, you will be excited to know, Arby's is opening a restaurant in Mandan.

The location of the new restaurant will be near the Prairie Rose Dental Clinic on Overlook Lane.

The new restaurant is also looking for new employees to staff the new Arby's. The planned date for the opening is November 10th.

Arby's is know for being the alternative to fast-food burgers offering roast beef sandwiches, turkey and a desert menu. They are also famous for their curly fries. Wendy's once owned Arby's but sold the chain in 2011 to concentrate on their burger chain.

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