Fargo and Bismarck reached national prominence by way of Wheel of Fortune on Halloween night.

Wheel of Fortune and Sony Entertainment was kind enough to send us the video of the Bonus Round and gave us permission to post it. You can watch the video above.

But as you can see the contestant has _ _ R _ _  / _N_ /  _ _ S _ _ R _ _ showing after he is given R, S, T, L, N, and E as is standard in the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round.

The category is 'On the Map.' The contestant chooses 3 more consonants and a vowel going with H, C, G, and O.

The puzzle then shows _ _ R G O /  _N_ /  _ _ S _ _ R _ _.

The contestant is able to then correctly guess 'FARGO AND BISMARCK'

The contestant with his North Dakota knowledge won a Volkswagen Tiguan. The contestant's name is Jeremy.

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