Atari is working on a new gaming console. The operative word in that previous sentence is "new."

Atari CEO Fred Chesnais revealed in a recent interview that Atari is developing the new gaming console, but was extremely vague about what it will be like, or when it will come out. While it seems like it would be tough for Atari to compete with gaming systems like the PS4 or the XBox, there is speculation that a new retro console could be in the works.

Recently, Atari posted a new video on YouTube that teases a new project, known as the "Ataribox."

With the growing popularity of retro games and throwback consoles, i.e. NES Classic, it's more than likely Atari will follow suit with a throwback to what made it popular, the Atari 2600, but perhaps newer and improved.

Despite seemingly being off the grid, Atari has hung around and is still a profitable company, as they've continued to develop games throughout the years, including mobile games most recently.

It seems only a matter time at this point before we found out more about the "Ataribox." It could be coming to a North Dakota store near you.

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