Containment of the so-called "Magpie" wildfire in the Little Missouri National Grassland of western North Dakota has reached 70 percent as of Saturday.

KXMB-TV News says the cooler weather earlier in the week was a factor in helping efforts at containment.

The fire started a week ago Saturday in a remote area and still isn't threatening structures, people or livestock.

Officials say despite the containment efforts, the fire in some areas could continue to smolder for weeks.

KX News says agencies aiding in the fight against the wildfire include McKenzie County EMS, McKenzie County VFDs, Billings County VFDs, Billings County EMS, North Dakota Game and Fish, National Park Service, United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, North Dakota State Forest Service.

Authorities say they are most concerned now with how the heat wave will affect the firefighters.

A number of volunteers in the region have provided water and blankets to the firefighters. A local restaurant has provided free break fasts and lunches.





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