It's hard to imagine this type of pay discrimination takes place in this day and age, if this is true.

A lawsuit was filed in federal district court Monday by Halunen Law Firm in Minneapolis representing female worker in the Bakken claiming she was demoted and paid less than her male colleagues because she’s a woman.

Andrew Burton/ Getty Images
Andrew Burton/ Getty Images

Then according to the suit, she was threaten if she complained about it.

Cindy Marchello, of Utah, claims  C&J Energy Services Inc. yanked her from her role as a pump operator after a client told her boss he didn’t like women working in the field.

Her annual salary was over $120,000 a year but was reassigned to a desk job making about half.

According to reports, her boss said it was “too dangerous” and “too cold” for her in the field when Marchello asked for her position back.

According to the report, Marchello ended up resigning in October 2014 because she was “stressed and fearing for her health and well-being,”

Do you think there is pay bias in the work place?

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