A few weeks back, we had a story about the poorest county in North Dakota. This week we feature a story concerning the richest county in North Dakota.

24/7 Wall St produced the list of the richest county in each state.

According to the report, Williams County is NoDak's richest county.

. Williams County, North Dakota
> County median household income: $76,210
> State median household income: $53,741
> Pct. households in county making $200,000 or more: 7.0%
> 2013 county unemployment rate: 0.9%

In recent years, residents of Williams County benefited substantially from North Dakota’s rapid economic growth. Less than 1% of the county’s workforce were unemployed in 2013, among the very lowest rates anywhere in the country. While in most affluent counties with a low unemployment rate the workforce was also well educated, this was not the case in Williams County. Less than one in five adults had at least a bachelor’s degree over the five years through 2013 — one of the lowest rates reviewed. Yet, households were still quite wealthy. Williams had a median annual household income of more than $76,000.

Andrew Burton / Getty Images
Andrew Burton / Getty Images

Williams County is in the heart of the Bakken, rich in drilling and the oil boom.

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