It's the biggest sporting event of the year, and the ads of Super Bowl 2013 are living up to their expectations. Thank goodness, because the amount of money spent on Super Bowl commercials makes it really disappointing when they're not good. Here are some of the best commercials from Super Bowl XLVII. 

  • 1


    We frankly were just excited to a GoDaddy commercial that didn't involve a woman promising to get naked on the internet. This funny commercial, on the other hand, has inspired us to always call flight attendants "sky waitresses." Hard to beat that.

  • 2

    Viva Young

    Whose grandparents don't do this? Thanks for keeping it real, Taco Bell. We will continue to eat your food into old age/as long as somebody can live when they mostly eat Taco Bell.

  • 3

    I Wish

    Kaley Cuoco. Skee Lo. A man in a rabbit suit. Well, done Toyota. Well done.

  • 4


    Because football games aren't creepy enough, here's some Willem Defoe. And because Willem Defoe isn't creepy enough, here he is as Satan. Just kidding, Willem Defoe is totally creepy enough. At least Kate Upton is also there. Right, fellas? Chances are she is actually Satan in disguise.

  • 5

    Space Babies

    Oh how we wish this adorable Super Bowl commercial were true. Birth control would just be not buying a space ship. So affordable. Somebody work on that.

  • 6

    Get In. Get Happy.

    It's the line about Minnesota that makes this one of 2013's best commercials. Some people thought this ad, which features a white guy appropriating Jamaican mannerisms, was racist, but come on -- the land of 10,000 lakes!

  • 7

    Epic Playdate

    We will go out right now and buy a Hyundai if the Flaming Lips will show up and play a set on our roof as they do in this 2013 Super Bowl commercial. Well, we might lease one. We would at least go for a test drive.

  • 8

    Night Vision

    It's true. Everybody is always trying to eat all of our Wheat Thins. Everybody.

  • 9

    'Iron Man 3' Extended Trailer

    How could we not list this? It's only the trailer for 'Iron Man 3,' NBD. How exciting for us -- finally a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

  • 10

    'Love Ballad'

    Despite the face that this makes us a little uncomfortable (since that lady is clearly really into a giant piece of candy), this was M&M commercial was definitely a hit.

  • 11

    Doritos Goat

    People are nuts for this killer goat commercial. As well they should be -- if they didn't like it, an angry screaming goat might knock down their door and intimidate them.

  • 12


    It's one of our favorite spokespersons, Dean Winters! The Beeper King (sorry, that is how we will always think of him) is back to shill insurance for Allstate. We're not complaining. Whatever it takes to get our daily dose of Dean.

  • 13


    This is exactly the amount of Paul Harvey we can stand to listen to. And superimposed over these photographs of farmers ti definitely gets us right in the feels.

  • 14

    The Clydesdales: Brotherhood

    Let's see -- ponies? Check. Fleetwood Mac? Check. Okay, frankly that's pretty much all it takes to make us cry. Thanks a lot, Budweiser.

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