The organization known as ATTN (Attention) recently sat down with Bill Maher to discuss Donald Trump among other topics.

The video, which is over 8 minutes long ends with Maher jokingly (we think jokingly anyway) discussing a 'pet project' for 2017.

You can hear what he says by skipping ahead to the 8 minute mark of the video above. We have also transcribed his comments below. Note that there is some inappropriate language:

For a pet project for next year I think I'm just gonna harp on why do we need two Dakotas? Can we just start with that? There definitely should not be four senators from The Dakota Territory. If there's two Dakotas, we should have 15 f*cking Californias. Goodnight!

Of course, there is a reason we have two Dakotas, a reason that is not as relevant today as it was back in the 1860s when The Dakota Territory was formed.

Earlier this summer, TIME Magazine helped answer the question of why there are two Dakotas and there are a few reasons including different trade routes, political differences, and the fact that people in the southern part of the territory did not particularly care for the people in the northern part.