If you're anxious to get out of the house on Christmas or Christmas Eve, or maybe you need to run and pick something up last minute, or maybe you just don't really celebrate the holidays. You might find this list useful.

There are some stores that stay open on arguably the biggest holiday of the year, and I've put together a list of some that may remain open in Bismarck.

Keep in mind this is always subject to change.

According to Goodhouskeeping, these chain stores typically remain open on Christmas and Christmas Eve.

1. CVS

First, I have to say, someone told me what CVS stood for the other day, and I was shooketh. I never thought about it. It stands for "Consumer Value Store." -- Fun fact for you.

Yes, according to the source, most stores will be open from 8 am to 9 pm on Christmas Day. That said, I haven't been able to get in touch with Bismarck stores to confirm.

2. Starbucks

The world runs on coffee. If you find yourself in a coffee-less situation on Christmas Eve, you will be relieved to hear that most of the chain's locations stay open on all holidays. I called the Century Ave. location in Bismarck and was told they plan to stay open they day before the holiday, but haven't decided on Christmas Day just yet.

3. BDubs

Otherwise known as Buffalo Wild Wings. Some locations will stay open for Christmas. This is perfect if you didn't plan out your holiday meal; you can wing it!

4. Applebee's

If you don't feel like cooking, you should be able to stop in to Applebee's. The source says these restaurants stay open.

5. McDonald's

McDonald's is a rain, sleet, snow, apocalypse kind of place. When civilization crumbles, McDonald's will still stand. That said, I called a local restaurant and found that they will be open until 7pm on Christmas Eve, but closed on Christmas Day.

6. Denny's

I can't say that Denny's will still operate at their normal hours, but the source says most Denny's locations stay open for the holiday.

7. Burger King

Here's another trusty fast food chain that is known to stay operational. I called the local 3rd Street restaurant, and they told me they will be open until 6pm on Christmas Eve.  day.

8. Pizza Hut

Since I was a kid, this has been the case. Pizza Huts across the country have been staying open to serve the sad and lonely scrooges their holiday pizza.

9. Perkins

The Bismarck Expressway Perkins Restaurant is going to be open normal hours on Christmas Eve and will be doing a half day on Christmas Day. This, according to employees at the local business.

10. Hardee's

I reached out to Bismarck's E. Capitol location and was told they plan to stay open until 6pm on Christmas Eve. They will be closed on Christmas Day.

11. Dan's Supermarket

I reached out to the Turnpike Ave. store in Bismarck; I was told the store will be open until about 4 or 5pm on Christmas Eve, but will be closed on Christmas.

12. Papa Murphy's

The South Washington store informed me they would be open until about 6 or 7pm on Christmas Eve. They will, however be closed on Christmas.

Keep Checking back; we'll be adding more info to the list!

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