I woke up this morning with NOT a clue ( what else is new, right? ) that today is special, in many ways

The weather was still cold, temps around 2 degrees - the sun was rising, with a solid attempt to warm us all up. When I get to work this morning, the news came from a co-worker, and suddenly it felt like a Friday! Great News! The first day of Spring! That wasn't the news that propelled my morning into gold, this was...

The first day of spring = a FREE Ice cream cone

Say what? I had to make sure this wasn't some kind of "April Fools" joke in March, but it is true, not only here in Bismarck, and Mandan, but all around the country. Who do we thank for this treat? The DQ of course.

The news out of dairyqueen.com "Spring begins on March 20 and the best way to kick off treat szn is with Free Cone Day at a DQ® location. On March 20, stop by your local DQ® location and grab a small cone free of charge. That’s right, the iconic curl you crave is 100% free on March 20. All you have to do is show up and order! And as long as you’re stopping by, check out the rest of the menu and enjoy even more delicious DQ® Treats. Because nothing says treat szn like a classic DQ® Treat"

So are you with me? ( I know, a stupid question )

Let's all celebrate the FIRST day of spring and head over to the DQ - see you there!

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