This past Wednesday was National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and we celebrated the only way we know how, by seeing how long it takes for an ice cream sandwich to melt.

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed posted an article about what happens to ice cream sandwich when it gets left out, unfrozen, at room temperature. You would think the result would be, "It melted," right? Apparently, not so. The 'ice cream' sandwich seems to slowly soften and not much else happens.

Now you're probably thinking, "But it's ice cream, it has to melt."

We're not so sure it's actually ice cream. As you can see in the video above, the "ice cream" turns into a fluffy warm substance. We tested both the Kemps and Great Value brand. Both had the same result. However, the Great Value brand had a pretty gross syrupy substance that started to take over the plate.

Well, now you know. Ice Cream sandwiches don't melt, but they sure are delicious!


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