Why does the word BLIZZARD have two Zs? Isn't one enough?

There's only one sound for "z" and it's zee. Why make more of it with two z's in blizzard? Would blizard be pronounced differently? Blizerd may be the word we're looking for. My actual point is...

I'm looking to get a snowblower just like yours.

Yep, I think there's room in our neighborhood for two snowblowers that are exactly the same.


Wha? That thing is killing it!

Yep, that's right we all will kick butt with the same most-excellent snowblower!

This was my dream Tuesday as I grunted out the first round with my old-school snowblower! (yay you!) Everything I cleared out was quickly consumed by the 2022 Bismarck blizzard...so it goes.

Problem is, I busted my butt blowing out that space.

man with a snow blowing machine working in winter day

But, let's give some space for folks that have NO snowblower in their equation

Close-up of shovel as man clears snow from path

Shovels only? Y'all that's some damn heavy snow. I wish you the best and rest often. Don't get too hot.  That's your body needing to cool off.  They call heavy snow the widow maker, because of the potential of dudes dying while shoveling.

So, back to why I want my neighbor's snowblower.

man blowing snow

Because they are KILLING IT!

Men or women can experience snowblower envy.  My girl B was looking across our new neighborhood and was pretty impressed with their new takes on efficient snowplowing.

Me too.

Some were a lot easier to use than the monster I'm pushing around. ..but some other monsters out there still do the job.

A man shown from the waist down, starting up his snow blower in the winter


So tell me...

Is there such a thing as an electric snowblower?


Does that plastic person-enclosure help anyone?


Is horsepower the key?


What is the first step in picking out a power blower?


Thanks in advance. Maybe you have one of those for sale?

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