There Have Been A Lot Of Happenings At The Dakota Zoo 

You should be relieved to hear that the animals are alive, well, and thriving at the zoo; the blizzard was no match for our hardworking zookeepers. The zoo made a post on Facebook earlier this week, giving everyone an update on how the animals were doing after the storm.

It seems they had a pretty good handle on the situation. The zoo’s post even said some of the animals were enjoying the snow. -- I can't say I share the same sentiments.  

I’m sure you heard about the zoo’s latest addition; a baby camel was delivered to the zoo just over a week ago. 

Looking Ahead: 

The Dakota Zoo is a happening spot here in Bismarck. Once the warm weather hits, we are spending every second we can outdoors, and why not spend that time with exotic animals? 

The zoo usually starts with its summer hours early into Spring. However, the recent blizzard threw a wrench in that plan.  

The zoo made another post to Facebook stating its summer hours will be slightly delayed, but they are planning to begin the hours at the end of this month (April). 

Did You Know? 

According to the Dakota Zoo’s website, it has a total of 600 animals and 125 different species. This is actually the zoo’s 60th season, as it's been in operation since 1961.  

And I know no one asked, but my favorite animals to look at are the donkeys. Obviously, this is because I’ve watched the movie "Shrek" a thousand times.  



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