Are you looking for a way to spend quality time with your family? The way our lifestyle has been lately, thanks to COVID-19, you would think families are together a whole lot more - due to quarantine and such. We all know though, even if we are at home, we tend to hibernate in our room - playing video games, YES we are inside together, but communication can be lacking - big time.

There are a father and daughter here in town that is having the time of their lives - TOGETHER. You might say that these two have started something so fresh, unique, and flat-out charming. "Garage Talk" is HERE, in our town and we should all be proud of Kyle and his 10-year-old daughter Bernie Debertin. Armed with a cell phone, these two will sit across from each other, and go "LIVE" on Facebook. Their entertainment is unscheduled, unplanned, and brilliant. They set an example of just how easy it is for us to share each other's lives in the most comfortable setting. Well, what exactly do they do, or talk about? What is their so-called show all about? KFYR had the same question “Well, it’s in the garage and we’re talking,”  said the dad. “It’s kind of just whatever comes out of our mouth,” 

Here is the beautiful part, they BOTH love to talk, to engage, to entertain. They feed off each other as best they can, but they are having FUN. So is the small audience that is tuning in. “My skating coaches watched it,” says Bernie with pride.

For now, they are going to continue "Garage Talk" on Kyle's personal Facebook page, but Bernie is pushing for more.....and I'm all for that!

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