What is it about the food coming from a truck? Why do we love it so much?

I'll tell you why we love it, the food is DELICIOUS! And I can not tell you why food coming from a truck tastes so damn good.

And we all know it is a fact. And you know it too. The crowds came out in full-force to enjoy the first day of the Bismarck Food Truck Festival at Community Ball Park.

At the food truck festival you will not only find food, there are other vendors including home-made treats for your dog. There are nineteen trucks and other vendors in total offering all sorts of dishes.


Why do we love those little donuts? Pheww, those are good! I'm not going to lie, I did have a bag with the blueberry sugar. You'll find walleye sandwiches and wraps.

Looking for barbeque? Right off the grill brisket and ribs. Cheese curds? Of yes, you'll find fresh curds.

Admission is $2 and continues through Saturday.

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