A Bismarck man could face charges after trying to sell grass clippings disguised as marijuana.

According to Myndnow.com, the Bismarck Police Department was notified about a man trying to sell marijuana to a woman in a parking lot at 1 a.m. on July 12th. Two other witnesses claim that he attempted to sell them the marijuana, which he later claimed was synthetic, as well.

It turns out the man didn't have marijuana after all. The 29-year-old had a bag with a green substance in his pocket which turned out to be grass clippings.

The man in question later admitted to the witnesses that it was just grass. He could be looking at a serious charge, even though it wasn't marijuana. A class C felony is normally given to those who "manufacture, distribute, or possess with intent to distribute an imitation controlled substance."

Is a bag of grass clippings really worth 5 years in prison or $5,000 in fines? I guess we'll see.


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