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Moving so many THC edibles that Grandma was recruited just to keep up!

As a surprise to absolutely nobody, Minnesota legalizing THC edibles has proven very popular throughout the region. So popular that within hours of legalization on July 1st, Cannon Falls' Minny Grown website crashed from people rushing to get in their orders.

On the first day, they sold out of everything!

Minny Grown added 50 new retail accounts and hired five more full-timers with plans to hire five more before the end of the month. Demand was so high that CEO Zach Rohr had to recruit his whole family to keep up with the demand.

“It’s all hands on deck right now,” he said. “My dad, my mom, my brother, aunts, uncles, grandma they’re all down here working to get these orders out.”

Cannon Falls is southeast of Minneapolis near the Wisconsin border so it's a bit of a drive for North Dakotans, but Moorhead, Minnesota is just across the Red River.  With a quick search of the lookyweed website, you'll see that Moorhead is home to Green Goods Cannabis a franchise with locations across the state. I'm sure they're moving product as fast as it hits the shelves.  Edible legalization came out of left field and was a shock to many Minnesotans.

Read on to see how it all happened.


(Original story published July 8, 2022)

Now, how to explain to voters you just weren't paying attention.

Conservative Minnesota lawmakers are now scrambling to come up with a reason that THC edibles are flying off the shelves throughout Minnesota. It seems the THC legalization was part of an omnibus bill that was hundreds of pages long. So the back-pedaling is sounding a lot like this from the Washington Post.

State Sen. Jim Abeler, a Republican from a Minneapolis suburb, told the newspaper that he hadn’t realized the bill broadly legalized products containing THC.

He said he thought it had permitted only delta-8 THC, which provides milder effects, though it also legalized the sale of delta-9 THC, which causes stronger feelings more commonly associated with a high from cannabis products.

Abeler did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As it turns out the author of the Senate version of the bill is Republican state Senator Mark Koran.  So it wasn't entirely sneaky Minnesota liberals that pushed it through. Nope, it was also politicians like Representative Dave Baker(R) from Wilmar, MN. Dave says he's "not a happy camper" about the whole thing. Point is...he voted for it!  But in the future, he will remain vigilant in fighting efforts to make weed legal. OK, Dave.

Closing the barn door after the cows got out.


There was a shopping frenzy last weekend all across the state. You have to be 21 or older to purchase the products and part of the law states the product cannot look like candy animals or fruit. Good luck with that. Let's be clear these aren't marijuana edibles instead the THC is derived from hemp and is limited to 5 milligrams per serving and a 50 milligram limit per package. There are THC edibles and THC beverages available.

For the record edibles still ain't legal in North Dakota.

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