North Dakotans are known for many things; we're nice, we're impervious to cold weather, and we drink a lot of beer, but what are the people of Bismarck known for??


We're Pretty Chill

We're chill! -- And by chill, I mean laid back. According to a study done by WalletHub, Bismarck is one of the LEAST stressed cities in the country. Researchers looked at 182 cities and evaluated their unemployment rates, divorce rates, and even suicide rates. There were 40 metric total, that they looked at to come up with this list.

The Least Stressed States:

Here's the Top 5 least stressed cities in the U.S according to WalletHub:

1. Freemont, California - Yep, a California city comes in at number one!

2. South Burlington, Vermont - I've never heard anything ever about the entire state of Vermont, but maybe that's the secret sauce to a stress-free life -- being lowkey.

3. Madison, Wisconsin - Kudos to Madison, for coming in at number 3.

4. Overland Park, Kansas - Apparently life in this city is a little slower-paced. Less traffic, and a strong public school system is what the city is known for, according to

5. Fargo, North Dakota - Yep, another North Dakota city tops the list. Fargoans are living their best life.

**If you're wondering, Bismarck comes in at number 7 on the list of LEAST stressed cities.**

The Worst

Now, we have to look at the worst, because, why not? Here's WalletHub's MOST Stressed Cities:

1. Cleveland, Ohio - I'm honestly surprised to see this city named the MOST stressed out one in the country.

2. Detroit, Michigan - Are we surprised? Really though.

3. Gulfport, Mississippi - I've been to this city. It got hit really hard during hurricane Katrina. They've tried to bring more tourists back there and get the economy back on track, but it seems they've really struggled ever since then.

4. Baltimore, Maryland - Home of the Ravens, and is the birthplace of the National Anthem, according to While those are great things, Baltimore also has the second the highest murder rates in the country according to

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -  This is another one of those cities that have a very high crime rate. It's no mystery why people are stressed out here.

Welp, that's all I know. When people ask you what makes Bismarck great, you have another thing to add to the list.



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