Ok, the whole point of this article is to motivate you and your family to get outside and enjoy the holidays...

...that's a pretty nice thought, however, Mother Nature always has the upper hand when it finally comes down to it - with the latest temps around -15 WITH a RealFeel at around -43 - it's nearly impossible to entertain any thought of doing anything outside. There is always the near future to look forward to, and the forecast for next week is downright encouraging - feast your eyes on next Wednesday!


I never thought I would ever think that 38 degrees would be so inviting

As most North Dakotans know, when you have been held up inside for days, the wind knifing right through you in your few seconds outside, any type of a temperature change on the PLUS side feels like summer knocking on the door, well almost. The holidays are a beautiful thing, but they can also amplify loneliness. The best part of this time of the season for most people is to be with their family. Waking up on Christmas morning and opening presents, having a huge dinner, and just enjoying each other. Unfortunately, though it can also be an extremely lonely time for others. This is when depression can set in and make everything seem unbearable. The dangers come into play, even more, some people turn to what makes them cope, alcohol. Drinking can bring relief, if just for a few hours, but it can also propel you into a deeper hell.

Now for some good news!

According to kfyrtv.com "Bismarck Parks and Recreation is officially opening four ice rinks and the warming huts for skaters Wednesday. The open rinks are Bismarck Municipal Ballpark, Jaycee Centennial Park, New Generations Park, and Tatley-Eagles Park" Remember the days when you took a small plastic disc and slid down the steep hill that seemed like a Matterhorn? You did that over and over again with a smile that never left your face - you can experience that again over at Bismarck Trails. Get out and have a blast!


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