Remember Meriwether's?  Kathleen's? Great American Steak Buffet?

A&W, Skippers, Long John Silvers, the Prairie Schooner, Village Inn, China Wok, Golden Dragon, DiDonna's, Houlihans, Los Amigos...?

Bennigan's in Fargo?

None of them are in business any longer, at least in this area.

Some were Mom-and-Pop, some were part of national chains.  Some of them (and I won't name them here) died a well-deserved death.  And some left the scene all too soon, for diners a fond memory, for restauranteurs  a cautionary tale.

We'd love to hear about of your favorite area eateries that passed on before their time.  Tell us what made your favorites so special.  In the meantime, here's an article from the Wall Street Journal about famous national chains that have bitten the dust...