I have read about more local accidents this past winter that I can recall in the last past 8 years

I have now lived in North Dakota for eight years, so I can longer refer to myself as a "rookie" out here, I am aware of just how quickly the weather can change, and with the temperatures climbing, basic common sense will tell you that the snow and ice will melt. This is where it can get dangerous, for I have experienced many times how treacherous and slippy the conditions of the roads can turn. This of course can lead to unforeseen accidents, which then eventually those people affected will spew out their frustrations on social media about how certain people are not doing their jobs good enough. The City of Bismarck workers who are responsible for our city roads.

I personally think they do a great job and are quick and efficient

Think about how quickly storms hit us sometimes, and just how much we all rely on our streets and roads to get around. Freezing temps and warmer days can add up to a major headache. So just how busy have the city of Bismarck workers been?

This statistic will blow ( no pun attended ) you away

The sanding and salting around town have been so necessary. According to kfyrtv.com  "So far this year, the city has used nearly 38,000 gallons of beet brine, more than 17,000 gallons of salt brine, 190 tons of salt, and more than 2,300 tons of sand on city roads. That’s more than the previous two years" So try and remember that people are out there doing the best they can, and as quick as possible to make us arrive safely.



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