There is no doubt that 2022 was a year of frustration for many Bismarck, Mandan businesses.
The sad thing it hasn't been a hidden secret that businesses ( especially restaurants ) have had to deal with being understaffed and have struggled to serve their loyal customers. Two very popular places decided to close their doors for good in the last half year. A chain restaurant, Johnny Carino's lost their Fargo place just weeks before Bismarck's Carino's said goodbye for good back in September.

Earlier in the same month, MacKenzie River Pizza Pub and Grill in north Bismarck surprised everyone... announcing on their Facebook Page some heartfelt words. After taking care of so many people for over 10 years - MacKenzie River Pizza Grill and Pub said "... they could no longer maintain the level of service to their customers because of the limited labor available in the Bismarck Mandan area" That's the reality of the times we are going through.

However, we just welcomed 2023 - check out a new beginning is underway for 4510 Skyline Crossing
Now I know there will be people who will say "With restaurants closing all over BisMan, WHY would we be opening new ones?" To that, I always so, never give up. The city of Bismarck announced back in January the plans for a new eatery called Sazón - according to "The MacKenzie River building had been vacant since September 7, the owner of Charras and Tequila, David Mendoza, bought the building on October 26 and have recently opened a new restaurant there called Sazon"

So 4510 Skyline Crossing Is alive and well once again...

...and offers a convenient experience with a variety of tasty items. One review on Facebook raved about their "Great service, great drinks, great food, and a super fun place!" Now it's your turn to bring the whole family by. I'm excited to see Bismarck and Mandan moving FORWARD - Progress, NOT closures.



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