What a dynamite combination for a Bismarck native

We've all followed Cara Mund over the years, her accomplishments have been amazing - just recently she added another awesome feat. Bismarck's very own Miss America Cara Mund back in 2018 became North Dakota's first national crown winner -the competition is overwhelming and can be intimidating but not for Cara. Thankfully gone are the days when viewers of the beauty pageant just labeled the beautiful women as objects of glamour, and that's it - but our Bismarck native has proved that she has a dynamite combination - Brains and Beauty.

A recent photo shows Cara wearing a cap and gown, with a champion smile to match

Graduation for so many has come upon us, the time of year when families gather to embrace their loved ones walking up to the stage and collecting a diploma. One of the most prestigious schools in the country just had the privilege of handing former Miss America multiple honors. She just graduated from THE Harvard Law School! We're talking cum laude. According to the Bismarck Tribune "She also received the 2022 Kristin P. Muniz Memorial Award, which recognizes a graduating student for numerous traits including a dedication to racial justice and equality, respect for human dignity, fairness, diversity and compassion" WOW!

As humble and "North Dakota Nice" as you can get

Cara was quick to mention her love for North Dakota -"I am so proud to be a North Dakotan" Bismarck Tribune reported. She credited her ambition, drive, and inspiration to "... the incredible people of North Dakota." A classy champion without a doubt!


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