As we're still experiencing the effects of winter with subzero high temperatures in the forecast for today, according to the National Weather Service, this winter has been Bismarck's coldest since 1979.

From December 1st through the last day of February is the duration winter is measured by meteorologists. During that time, Bismarck had an average temperature of -0.4 degrees, which is the fifth coldest winter on record.

Only 1979, 1887, 1875, and 1936 (the coldest) winters in Bismarck were colder than 2018-19.

During the December-February time frame, Bismarck temperatures had a swing of nearly 90 degrees. On December 15th, the high temperature was 53 and January 30th had a low of -33.

Snowfall for winter in Bismarck is also above its average of 26.3 inches. After this past Friday's snow, the snow in Bismarck accumulated for this winter is 36.5 inches.

This past Friday was the first day of meteorological Spring for Bismarck, which is already off to a very cold start.

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