Anytime you add a game to a night of drinking, look out, you might be dragging the next day.  It all depends on the luck of the dice or your skill level in that particular game.

Put some money on these games and it adds a whole new dimension to this liquor-induced fun.  To be honest, we've turned just about every game imaginable into a drinking game.  Get your friends together for "game night" or a backyard BBQ get-together and there's a good chance a drinking game could break out.

There are the old standbys like "Beer Pong" or "Quarters."  Other popular drinking games across the country include, "Screw the Dealer", "Ride the Bus", "Paranoia", "Spin the Bottle", "Drunk Jenga," and "Chandelier."

Well, according to an article from The Loupe, the most popular drinking game in North Dakota is "Kings Cup".  Now, if you're not familiar with this drinking game here's what you need to know from Bar Games 101.  The game is also known as Ring of Fire, Circle of Death, and Waterfall.  This is a classic drinking game that's great for groups who don't know each other very well and works well with your regular friends as well.

Here's what you need to pull this game off.  A deck of cards, a cup, alcohol, and friends willing to get tipsy.  The cards spread around the cup facedown.  Each card in the deck requires a different action.  CLICK HERE to see some of the different requirements for each card.  Needless to say, you can expect to catch a buzz from this game.

The most popular drinking game in the country overall is Beer Pong, including our friends in South Dakota.  Minnesota likes Ride the Bus and Montana prefers Power Hour.

If you got a get-together planned this weekend, maybe this list might give you some ideas to break the ice with your group.  Cheers!



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