Brianna Helbling, a 16 year old in Mandan, is going to Los Angeles to audition for American Idol.

It began on Sept. 6, when she went to Fargo to audition there. A producer like what she heard so much, Helbling was asked to sing a second song. After the second song, Helbling was given a golden ticket.

Helbling was told it could be up to two weeks before she would know if the audition process would continue. On Sept. 7, she received an e-mail inviting her to Los Angeles to perform for an Executive Producer for the show.

Helbling sat down with Wish in studio on Cool 98.7 to talk about the audition process and to shed a little more light on who she is.

Helbling also was kind enough to perform an original song of hers called, 'Might Even Lose Love.'

Check out the interview with Helbling in the video above. Hear the performance of her song in the video below.


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