You can file this under 'Duh': Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has the best-selling NFL jersey in North Dakota.

Retailer Dick's Sporting Goods recently put out a map, which shows which NFL player has the best-selling jersey in every state. You can see the map, courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods below:

As you can see, Wentz has the best-selling jersey in North Dakota, which shouldn't be all that surprising.

What may be surprising, however, is the fact that Wentz also has the best-selling jersey in another state, but that state isn't Pennsylvania. It's actually Delaware, of all places.

According to Dick's Sporting Goods' Jersey Report, Wentz also has the best-selling jersey over the past week and the past 30 days. He has the fourth best-selling jersey of the season.

In neighboring states, the best-selling jerseys include Adrian Peterson (South Dakota), Stefon Diggs (Minnesota), and Von Miller (Montana).

You can see more of Dick's Sporting Goods' Jersey Report HERE.