On July 4th, Carson Wentz honored all men and women that have served our country in a tweet while using a photo that recreated one of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history.

Wentz certainly knows how to appeal to the fans in Philadelphia, and also how to make a Fourth of July tweet go viral, especially given the historical significance of the events that took place in that city on July 4, 1776.

Not only does Wentz honor those who served, but in style, as only Carson Wentz can. The photo is identical to the scene in the original 1976 movie "Rocky" which has since become an iconic scene, both in sports movies and in all the realm of cinema.

The original scene has become so popular in pop-culture that despite the fact that the 72 steps lead to the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, they are often referred to as the "Rocky Steps." The steps became so synonymous with Rocky that they were used in five of the movie franchise's sequels (Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky V, Rocky Balboa, and Creed).

Entering just his second season as the franchise quarterback of the Eagles, it's safe to say that Carson Wentz has completely captivated the city of Philadelphia.

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