The family of Lukas Kusters, also known as the 'Dutch Destroyer,' will enjoy a trip to see the Philadelphia Eagles play in the Super Bowl with the help of Carson Wentz.

Earlier in the NFL season, you saw the incredibly touching story of Lukas Kusters, an 8-year old boy from Wilmington, Delaware, suffering from stomach cancer. Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, he was able to meet Carson Wentz after the Eagles quarterback had sent him a video, encouraging him to get well.

Kusters lost his battle with cancer shortly after the video of the meeting took place and was buried in Carson Wentz's jersey. Wentz now wears a bracelet every game in which Kusters gave him. The bracelet is embroidered with Kusters' nickname, 'Dutch Destroyer.'

Eagles fans showed phenomenal support as replica bracelets were sold in Philadelphia and were very popular.

Wentz and the Eagles awarded Kusters' family with tickets to the Super Bowl, which is something that's been a life-long dream of the Kusters, who are devoted Eagles fans.

ESPN anchor from Philadelphia, Kevin Neghandi tweeted:

Carson Wentz has since retweeted the tweet:

In case you haven't seen the video of the original meet-up between Carson Wentz and Lukas Kusters, which aired on ESPN back in October, you can view it below.

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