Every season, the NFL will pick the top plays for its most 'Elite Performers.' Today, they released the top 10 plays of the season for an Elite Performer we know all too well in North Dakota, Carson Wentz.

By now, we all know about the incredible season that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback from Carson Wentz had in just 13 games (he missed the last three regular-season games due to injury). While we wait to see if his astounding performance in less than a full season was enough to earn him MVP honors, let's enjoy this video released today (January 10th) via Twitter by the NFL, showing Wentz's top 10 plays from the 2017 season.

The end of the video shows the amazing numbers that Wentz put up during the 2017 season in JUST 13 GAMES. That point needs to be emphasized for the fact that it's all that much more incredible what his resume now shows from a shortened season.

It remains to be seen if Wentz will win the NFL MVP for this season, even though the case has certainly been made. The MVP will be announced the night before this year's Super Bowl at the NFL Honors on Saturday, February 3rd.

Despite the fact, he won't be able to play in the postseason due to injury, Wentz helped the Philadelphia Eagles not only claim the NFC East title but also helped them earn home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, should they continue to advance.

The Eagles play host to the Atlanta Falcons this Saturday in the NFC Divisional Round at 3:35 p.m.

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