If you're looking to settle down and start a family, you're in the right state.

According to our friends at WalletHub, North Dakota comes in ranked as the 4th best state to raise a family. The research for the study took into account what states offered the best combinations of qualities offered to parents and kids alike, such as careers, schools, financial challenges, and general environmental setting.

In other key metrics, North Dakota finished as one of the top states in several key categories. The state was second in housing affordability and separation & divorce rate, third in median family salary and percentage of families in poverty, fourth in unemployment rate, and sixth in child-care costs.

Our neighbors to the east, Minnesota finished 2nd overall, while Massachusetts took the top spot for best state to raise a family. Alabama, Mississippi, and New Mexico finished as the bottom three. New Mexico finished dead last.

So if you're looking to settle down with your significant other and have some kids, you're in the right places, or at least one of them.

You can view the full map of where each state finished below.

Source: WalletHub

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