If you own a cat or a dog (or more), there could be some changes coming to the City of Bismarck, according to KFYR-TV.

As an animal lover, I'm sure you, like me, consider your pets as part of the family. You would do anything to protect your pet. For many of us, we've spend more than we have and went as far as finance or do without for our pets wellbeing. After all, this is what you do for a family member.

Some changes could be coming to the city as the newly formed animal advisory board will bring suggestions and possible changes to the city's policies and the animal ordinances.

With the current city policy, you are limited to any combination of three animals as pets. Dogs or cats, no matter the size or breed. You can also have a room full of gerbils or chinchillas, as there is no set limit you can have on your property in the city. However, it is against the current city policy to buy or sell some turtles, depending on the size of the turtle.

Many of the cities current policies have been on the books for decades and the advisory board was formed to review the current policies and make reconditions to the city.

The  suggestions and changes will be brought before the commission in the next couple months.



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