Because of a Movie Shoot in town, some of these $100's got out. 

Money Pile Bundles of $100 USD Notes
Getty Images/iStockphoto

According to West Dakota Fox  Because of a Movie shoot that happened here, a good amount of $100 bills filtered into some businesses. How do they know they are counterfeit? Well, they do say for Motion picture use on the front of them ... Ha! you can't make this up.

So now our taxpayer money is at work trying to track the bills down so they don't cause any more damage.

I find it odd that a bill as big as a 100 wouldn't probably get more scrutiny, but then again when you are in the ebbs and flows of a convenience store day, it is possible to process this stuff by mistake.

Anyway, they're out there so it would be a good idea to watch out!

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