North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer now says he has "concerns" about the administration's use of a "national emergency" declaration to get the wall the president wants.

Reason Magazine says Mr. Cramer calls the declaration "unnecessary," but adds he still isn't sure how he would vote.

The senator says he believes the president is acting within his legal authority.

"I think [Trump] may" have the power to declare an emergency to build the wall, he said. "I didn't used to think so, the more I've studied the more I think he may have that. I'm not sure he should have it, but I think he may have that authority."

"But we do need a wall," he concluded.

Sen. Cramer (who has been the target of criticism for allegedly acting as a "rubber stamp" to the administration) previously said to the Associated Press that "the southern border is a national emergency now." The Washington Post has the senator firmly in the "support" column.

[Source: Reason,com]



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