Ordering groceries for pick-up is a life saver and a game changer. It's basically the only way I get groceries these days. What I love about ordering online and having my purchase brought to my car is that it doesn't cost extra (at Target and Walmart, anyway), I can pick an exact time frame to get my groceries, and I don't frivolously spend money (like I can do when I shop in store).

A major grocery store club will be offering curbside pick-up to customers at the end of the month. Now, you will be able buy all of your bulk items at reasonable prices and NOT have to get out of your car.

Last week, Fox News reported that Sam's Club will soon be offering the service. I called the Bismarck Sam's Club location to confirm the news, and it's true, the pick-up service is even coming to Bismarck. I couldn't get the exact roll-out date confirmed, but I was told it curbside pick-up will be available by end of the month.

According to the Fox News report, the curbside pick-up service will be available to all Sam's Club members for a limited time. However, the service will eventually only be available to Plus members. When I talked to a Sam's Club associate, I was only told that Plus members would benefit from this perk. So, I'm not sure if what the news reported coincides with what our local location will be doing.

Will you upgrade to a Sam's Plus membership for curbside pick-up?

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