We are reaching the end of another season of Bike Night

This is our 9th Annual year Bike Night, our first Wednesday was way back on June 1st, and if you drove past Sickies Garage Burgers And Brew every week I'm sure you saw the huge crowds out in the parking lot - beautiful bikes, happy people enjoying each other's company. This is my third year co-hosting it, and I won't lie to you, some days it's a real grind - we are out there when it's sometimes close to 100 degrees, setting up the equipment around 4:00 p m, then breaking everything down after 9:00 pm can be quite taxing. There is one person and one person only who has been through our whole 9-year run, if you are a regular, then you know right away who I'm talking about. He shows up early, walks around making sure all of our sponsors are set up, wears his Bike Night t-shirt with pride, and has a smile that stretches all the way to Minot, and not ONCE in the 41 Bike Nights that I've done, have I ever seen his attitude waver. He does all of that for free, a labor of love. His name is Luke Weinberg, he's 33 years old, and he is an extremely special guy.

Kurt Weinberg and his son Luke came by our radio station today

I wanted to give Luke a chance to check out our digs over here in Mandan, he does so much for us AT Sickies, but he's never been to our radio station. Luke is a pretty busy guy, holding down not one but three jobs - Arby's in Mandan, Gifted Bean ( Library ), and at Sam's Club. I don't know where he finds the energy, but it's obvious why any place is lucky to have him, his enthusiasm is unteachable. If Luke looks familiar, you may have seen him on television, he was in some commercials about 10 years ago for HIT. It's always uplifting to see Luke. This doesn't surprise me one bit, Kurt told me just how much he loves Bike Night and talks about "Going to see my guys tonight..." - He continued with this - "It's easily the highlight of his week..."

Luke is a role model for everybody in life

He is everything a person, young and old, should try and emulate. Polite, intelligent, smart, engaging - one more thing, he was born with Down Syndrome. I mention that only because you need to know what he and his loved ones have gone through his whole life - I can't comprehend the challenges that he has faced and conquered, all I know is he is my friend, and I respect him so much.



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