A North Dakota cancer patient is now in quarantine for possible coronavirus exposure.

KX News says Kari Kolstoe of Grand Forks is battling stage-four neuro-endocrine cancer. She and her husband had gone on a Grand Princess cruise trip to take a break from her treatment; doctors had cleared the couple for the trip.

Her vacation took a turn for the worst when twenty-one passengers and crew on board tested positively for coronavirus infection.

Authorities say after the ship docked in Oakland, California, she and her husband "sat on a bus and wore masks for three hours" before officials shipped them to Travis Air Force Base.


Ms. Kolstoe says she was originally scheduled to return in time to resume chemo treatment in Minnesota Tuesday.

She says she has suffered from "horrific back pain" due to the cancer.

Doctors say she shows no symptoms so far, but will be quarantined for two weeks.

[Source: KXMB/CBS News]

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