Ever since the pandemic began, we have had many types of shortages.

When the COVID-19 pandemic overtook the world nearly two years ago, we experienced a toilet paper, coin, and hand sanitizer shortage. And do you remember when stores had to limit the amount of most things a person could buy in an attempt to stop product hoarding? Well, now it seems we are having other shortages around the United States.

What is currently the most common pandemic-related food shortage in North Dakota?

According to KX News, Google determined the four current most common food shortages in the United States. Right now, the top shortages reportedly include cream cheese, chicken, potatoes, and Hot Cheetos. North Dakota is a state that is reportedly suffering from a chicken shortage.

Has it been hard to find chicken in Bismarck?

Honestly, the only chicken I have an issue with finding these days is rotisserie chicken. Seriously, no matter the time or the store, it is so hit or miss for me to find a rotisserie chicken. But I have not really noticed if it is hard to get raw chicken.

One thing I am most frustrated with stores being out of is jalapenos. How am I supposed to make my weekly batch of jalapeno poppers if the namesake of the recipe is always MIA from the grocery stores? Another thing I am having trouble finding these days is the Iams Urinary Tract food for cats - which is alarming, my cat needs it!

What food items do you have trouble finding these days in Bismarck-Mandan grocery stores?

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