GoFundMe, the popular crowd funding website has released its second annual 'Year in Giving' report for 2016.

The report highlights some of the GoFundMe campaigns that received the highest amount of donations, states and cities that received the most funding and so much more.

GoFundMe allows average citizens to create campaigns to raise money for pretty much any cause.

Those fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline set up a page on GoFundMe so that protestors (or self-proclaimed 'water protectors') could obtain any supplies they needed or use the money to bail individuals out of jail who were arrested.

The campaign on GoFundMe raised a total of $2,975,372. That was the second highest campaign total of any GoFundMe fundraiser this year (not including natural disaster funds).

There were actually two separate campaigns involving the Dakota Access Pipeline protests that made the top five on GoFundMe. The 'Official Sacred Stone Camp' campaign received the nearly $3 million.

A separate GoFundMe campaign, 'Veterans for Standing Rock' received $1,143,295. That was the fourth highest fundraiser on GoFundMe this year. That campaign funded a flock of military veterans to the protest site to stand between protesters and law enforcement.

There were other campaigns set up for causes surrounding the protests as well and according to GoFundMe, about $7.8 million was raised in total for Standing Rock.

Only donations for victims of 'The Pulse' shooting in Orlando, Florida and floods in Louisiana received more. Between the multiple campaigns set up for the Orlando tragedy, about $9 million was raised. The Louisiana floods raised $11.2 million.

You can see the full GoFundMe report here.