It's that time of year again so here are some guidelines to keep in mind once it begins. 

Next Friday (Nov 9th) is the beginning of Deer hunting season and each year there are questions that the North Dakota Game and Fish Department address before the season begins. Here are some of them:

Question: What licenses are needed for deer gun season?

A general game and habitat stamp or a combination license, and the deer license. Gratis license holders need only the gratis license. The deer license is mailed after the general game and habitat license is purchased.

Q: I received a lottery license, and I own land in another unit. Can I hunt on my land in the other unit with my lottery license?

A person who holds a valid license to hunt deer may hunt the same species and sex of deer on land in an adjoining unit for which that person would be eligible for a gratis deer license.

Q: I can’t find my deer license. What should I do?

Obtain an application for a duplicate license from the Game and Fish Department by calling 701-328-6300 or printing it off the website at Fill out the form, have it notarized and return it to the Department along with a fee. You may not hunt without the deer license in your possession. If you find the original license after receiving a replacement, you must return the original to a local game warden or Game and Fish office.

Q: I shot a deer, but it is rotten. What can I do?

You must take possession of the animal by tagging it. A license only allows you the opportunity to hunt. It is not a guarantee to the quality of the animal.

Q: What should I do if I find a wounded deer?

Contact a game warden. Do not shoot the deer unless you want to tag it or are instructed by the warden to do so.

That's a pretty detailed list of questions and rules from those guys. If you would like to see the entire list of questions you can click here.

Some other common sense rules to live by include

  • Making sure your gun is cleaned to avoid jamming. 
  • Don't forget your lunch at home... So annoying when you're in the field away from life and you got nothing to eat. 
  • Make sure you dress properly for the weather. 
  • Be aware of what license you have so you're hunting the right animal. 

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