Millions of years ago, terrible lizards walked on our planet - including here in North Dakota.

As NBC North Dakota News reported this week, men and women of science now come from all around the world to dig up the remains of dinosaurs in Morton County, and elsewhere in the state.

A spot about forty miles of the Bismarck-Mandan metro has proven to be one of the richer areas for extracting dinosaur fossils.

Many of the fossils will go on display around the state, at our universities, the Heritage Center or the Dinosaur Museum in Dickinson.

"A lot of the fossils that come out of this area are T-Rex chew toys. They've been gnawed upon...bite marks running through these fossils," says paleontologist Becky Barnes. This is really just helping preserving our history. This is North Dakota's history,"

After extraction, the fossils go to a lab in Bismarck for cleaning.

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