Fans of dinosaurs will love this.

Participants in a public fossil dig found two large Tyrannosaurus Rex teeth south of Bismarck last week.

The Bismarck Tribune says the discovery set records for the North Dakota Geological Survey.

The fossils are teeth that measure 2½ inches and 4½ inches long. The Tribune says the find gives North Dakota paleontologists hope that "they may be getting closer to their goal of uncovering a partial T-Rex skeleton."

“Every little bit is exciting,” said senior paleontologist Clint Boyd.

Previous finds were "fragments of teeth that had to be reconstructed in the lab" by paleontologist Becky Barnes at the North Dakota Heritage Center.

“We couldn’t believe what we were seeing,” Ms. Barnes said. “I couldn’t wait to get this tooth out of the ground to see the full extent of what we were dealing with. It was quite remarkable.”

The T. Rex teeth fossils are "not attached to the roots, meaning the teeth likely broke off when the dinosaur was feeding on other animals at the site," Mr. Boyd noted.

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