Have you ever wondered how much money Governor Doug Burgum makes and where that ranks among other Governors?

MoneyTalkNews.com provided the answer with an article on Monday listing the amount of money that Governors make in each state.

Of course it should be noted that Burgum who is a former Microsoft Executive and has been involved in plenty of other business ventures has made a lot of money in the private sector.

Additionally, Burgum said on the campaign trail that he did not want a salary and back in May, the North Dakota legislature approved a $1 salary for the former Microsoft Executive.

Prior to that legislation passing, Burgum had donated the money he had made so far ($55,000) to drug addiction services in North Dakota.

So by making just one measly dollar, Burgum is technically the lowest paid Governor.

However, if Governor Burgum chose to accept an actual North Dakota Governor's salary, he would make $129,096 which would make him the 32nd highest paid Governor.

The Governor who makes the least amount of money is Paul LePage in Maine with a salary of $70,000.

Tom Wolf, the Governor of Pennsylvania has the highest salary of any Governor earning $190,823.

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