A Wahpeton judge has dismissed the case involving the death of a college student-turned-drug informant.

The Fargo Forum reports Southeast District Judge Jay Schmitz has set aside the suit filed by the parents of Andrew Sadek against Richland County.

The judge says, among other things, there is no evidence that the student’s work as an informant led to his death.

"The heart cries out for an answer," the judge said, "but the mind searches in vain for an answer."

Authorities found the body of NDSCS student Andrew Sadek in the Red River in 2014 with a gunshot wound to the head.

Court documents confirm that the student became a drug informant after the Sheriff's Department caught him trafficking marijuana.

Mr. Sadek's parents filed suit alleging "negligence, deceit and fraud" on the part of the Sheriff's Department. They say the police coerced their son into performing the potentially dangerous work without proper training or preparation.

The family plans to appeal.

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